About AusDigital

The Digital Business Council, with the support of the Australian Taxation Office and the Federal Department of Industry Innovation and Science, has established a national e-invoicing framework with a view to improving productivity for Australian business.  

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is not new but has seen relatively slow uptake outside of a few industry sectors where implementations have centered around a small number of non-interoperable supply chain hubs.  Total penetration of e-invoicing in Australia is around 15%.

In order to facilitate broad scale adoption, the Digital Business Council has established a technical working group at ausdigital.org that aims to leverage modern ubiquitous web standards such as REST, JSON, and OAuth to deliver a low cost peer-to-peer framework that can bring the benefits of end-to-end invoicing automation to all Australian businesses whilst maintaining interoperability with legacy EDI networks.

REST-JSON Working Group Digital Business Council Secreatariat Australian Business Register Canberra, ACT 2600