Digital Capability Publisher (DCP) Specification

The framework depends heavily on the ability to discover detailed service information for any given business identifier. The DCP maintains a list of businesses, with a list of services for each business. Each service lists supported document formats and transport protocols and holds a digital certificate for message signing and encryption.

Specification URL Version Status API Definition Issues List
DCP 1.0 spec 1.0 Raw DCP 1.0 API DCP 1.0 Issues
DCP 2.0 spec 2.0 Raw DCP 2.0 API DCP 2.0 Issues

Known Implementations

Known implementations (open source or otherwise) are listed here. Please modify this page and make a pull request to add your own.

Provider Implementation URL Comments dcp testpoint Free dcp service and open source implementation
Philip Helger phoss SMP Java based OSS solution (Apache2) that can be configured to run as DCP. Note: The read API is compatible but write API has some differences.