UBL Syntax (SYN) Specification

This specification describes a syntax and processing model for UBL semantics.

SYN-XML Version:

SYN-JSON Version:

  • A simple JSON syntax model for UBL semantics.
  • A lossless transformation model between UBL XML (UBL XML Syntax 1.0 spec) and JSON (UBL JSON Syntax 1.0 spec) representations.
  • A simple JSON processing model based on a RESTful Validation API.

The intent of UBL JSON Syntax 1.0 spec is to provide developers with a much simpler implementation model than the XSD/Schematron/Genericode alternative whilst maintaining interoperability with the UBL XML standard.

SYN-SOL Version

Specification URL Version Status API Definition Issues List
SYN-XML 1.0 spec 1.0 Raw N/A SYN-XML 1.0 Issues
SYN-JSON 1.0 spec 1.0 Raw SYN-JSON 1.0 API SYN-JSON 1.0 Issues
SYN-SOL 1.0 spec 1.0 Raw SYN-SOL 1.0 API SYN-SOL 1.0 Issues

Known Implementations

Known implementations (open source or otherwise) are listed here. Please modify this page and make a pull request to add your own.

Provider Implementation URL Comments
testpoint.io UBL JSON Syntax testpoint Free UBL JSON Syntax 1.0 spec transformation service and docker container